Letter #85: “Twas the ‘Day’ Before Christmas”

December 24, 2010

Dear ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’

Hope you don’t mind, but I changed your words again. You are a classic, but I needed you to fit with the Rother’s events on Christmas Eve. Thanks for being a sport!

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the world

Everyone was stirring, last minute gifts they hoard.

Whether the reason be busy, lazy, behind or over buyer,

With all the traffic they’ve created, I wish I was a flyer.


Employees of Toys R Us and Apple wish they were nestled in their beds,

Instead they work with visions of holiday break in their heads.

Thankfully I have finished my shopping with care,

In hopes that my family will be excited about the gifts I share.

Twenty-nine years ago there arose such a clatter,

My middle sister, Dana, arrived and was all that mattered.

So today we celebrate the birth of my sister,

Tonight we move from her to the mister.


Everyone else gets an entire day to themselves,

We do our best not to let your day be overtaken by Santa and the elves.

We’ve created quite the Christmas Eve tradition in honor of you,

Lunch, a movie and uncontrollable laughs are what I look forward to.


I’m thankful you were born for so many reasons,

One of which is that it ensures everyone’s here on this day of the season!

Tomorrow, you all ditch me to be with your in-laws,

Never fear, I’ll laugh, eat steak and look at lights with Mom and Paw.


“Now Kaedyn! now, Paxton! now Jamie and Chad!

On, Ryan! On, Duke (her dog)! on Mom and Dad!

Today, we celebrate the great Dana Haynie’s arrival to earth!

And to think we thought this was only the day before Christ’s birth!”


You’re beautiful, kind, thoughtful and caring.

You’re determined, trendy, fun and daring.

I look up to you more than you’ll ever know.

You are a big reason why I have been able to grow.

(Dana and I at her wedding: June 2008)

So enjoy your time in the spotlight for it must be short.

Thankfully there is a greater One to celebrate, for that you are always a sport.

God, today we thank You for the birth of a fine woman and one of my best friends,

But more importantly for your Son who has withstood all of the trends.


Happy Birthday Dana and Merry Christmas Eve to everyone else,

Changer of words at my convenience


One comment

  1. How sweet! Thanks for the kind words! Jesus and I like to roll together on our birthdays, which is why we always go to church today too 🙂 Love you!!

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