Letter #86: Merry YOU to all!

December 25, 2010

Dear Christmas,

Man, oh man, have you been good to me. Last night, I went through old picture albums and flipped through 16 or 17 years of you. So many good memories and a lot of laughs (particularly, the above picture where my sister’s and I dressed as elves, Dad as Santa, and I’m pretty sure Mom as Mrs. Claus to deliver gifts to the hospital she worked at!)! I always knew I was a tomboy, but wow, these gifts reveal just how true that is. Not to mention, I wouldn’t wear a shirt in my early years. Good news…I grew out of this one! Now more than ever, I’ve realized how much work you can be for adults. I look back at all the things I got over the years and am more grateful than ever for them. More than that, I’m amazed by the forethought and knowledge of my parents (probably more Mom!) to know exactly what gift perfectly fit me at the time!

Let’s walk down memory lane through you!

(My first Christmas: 9 months!)

(Little Tike basketball goal…this is where it all started: age 2)

(Little Tike peddle car…let me terrorize the cul-da-sac with my sisters: age 3)

(pool table…obviously I was in the epitome of tomboy stage: age 5)

(karate lessons…What sport didn’t I attempt?: age 6)

(Red Ryder BB Gun & targets…and no, I hadn’t seen The Christmas Story: age 7)

(go-cart…thought Santa forgot me because it was on the porch: age 8.)

(K-Nex Rollar Coaster…this and Legos were always a hit with me: age 9)

(Beanie Babies…still can’t believe my parents allowed this one: age 10)

(paintball gun and equipment…they allowed this too?!: age 14)

These were some of my favorite gifts of all time. I’m not sure if it’s funny or sad, but I can’t remember most of the gifts I received after the paintball gun. I got to a point where I didn’t ask for much outside of money and clothes. My senior year of college, I got my iPhone, and this year I’m getting a plane ticket to San Diego for family vacation! I’m definitely thankful for all these gifts, but thinking through my 23 Christmas’s and not remembering the gifts received at a third of them, I’m more thankful for the people who thought to give them to me.

Today, you’re not about the gifts we get. Today, you’re about the loved ones we get to spend you with, and thankfully about the greatest gift of all. God, thanks for sending your Son to save His people from their sins…for saving me. Thanks for what this season symbolizes. And thanks for fun gifts like go-carts and plane tickets in the midst of it all!

Merry YOU to all,

The Tomboy herself



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