Letter #87: Santa! I know him!

December 26, 2010

Dear Santa,

Most of the world woke up yesterday to what you had in store for them under the tree this year. Well, the Rother’s don’t seem to do things like most of the world. All growing up, you visited our house while we were at Christmas Eve Church. It was the best thing ever! Celebrate Dana’s birthday, take a few family pics, figure out some way to get to church minimum 30 minutes early and still be considered late, drive by a few Christmas lights, all the while knowing you were delivering ‘the goods’ during our absence. Leaving church, my sisters and I sprinted to the mini-van (yes, we rocked the minivan!), arguing who got the seat closest to the door. We were often forced to wait in the van for a few minutes so Mom and Dad could “get the camera ready.” Pretty sure one of our hands was smashed in the sliding door at least once in this process!

(probably my favorite clip from a Christmas movie…click this picture)

We LOVED this tradition, so thanks for being flexible! Somehow, it never dawned on me that this was out of your norm. It became our norm. I guess you and my parents worked out some really sweet deal! To this day, I don’t know all my parents tricks, but this year I had the opportunity to assist you in your gift giving. My nephews, Kaedyn and Paxton, attended Christmas service on the 23rd because my brother-in-law is an OBGYN and as Dana is evidence, babies don’t wait just because it’s Christmas, so he had to work. It was necessary for you to come a day early. I guess you make exceptions for us Rother’s and come while we’re at church.

(pre my assistance)

Well, I stopped by to make sure you had done your thing. Somehow, you delivered their gifts, but you forgot to eat your cookies and drink your milk. Don’t worry, I took care of it. Kid you not, my nephews are still talking about how their cookies got eaten and aren’t happy about it. Geez, I only took a few bites and left them the rest. You must really catch some grief from all the cookies you eat!

(post my assistance-sorry boys!)

Obviously, the Rother’s have chosen to make all sorts of our own traditions…we are celebrating our family Christmas today, the 26th! This is what happens when your siblings get married…you have to wait until after Christmas to get any presents! Kidding (kind of), but I’m excited for the house to be filled again…Mom and Dad are fun, but it’s too quiet around here.

All that being said, thanks for being flexible with my family and allowing me to have a helping hand in your madness!

Your job is sweet…cookies, toys, flying, surprises!

Lover of my job, but I’d want yours if this falls through


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