Letter #88: The Gift of Re-Gifting

December 27, 2010

Dear Apple,

You are genius.

I could end the post here, and it’d be enough. However, I know people are dying to know more, so I’ll tickle your fancy. I have no statistical evidence, but based on Christmas at the Rother’s and Twitter I’d venture to say you were quite successful this holiday season. Unfortunately for you, I didn’t contribute to this one bit by personally acquiring any of your gadgets, but I did assist in others gaining a few.

This whole iPad thing you have going for you really is genius. I have no need for one seeing as I am working away on my Macbook, but you fit the needs of a ton of technology users perfectly. This Christmas, my Dad, Paul ‘Sam’ Rother, age 60, has reached a pinnacle in his life. He is the proud owner of an iPad. Yes, this is my father who doesn’t know how to turn on a computer or check an e-mail. And, get this, he knows how to use it! I never thought I’d see the day my parents would have trendier technological devices than myself. It’s here. Proud of you guys!

Crazy thing about you: you appeal to 60 year olds and also cater to two year olds. My nephews are proud owners of an iPad too courtesy of their other grandparents. I’m telling you…genius.

Now comes the best part of all this. Well, the best part for me I guess because you didn’t gain on this one. I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t have a ton of extra money to throw around. So, Christmas meant I needed to be more creative than normal this year. Well, my five year old nephew has been wanting an iPod. When I bought my Mac, I received a free iPod Touch. Therefore, I had no need for my Nano anymore. Guess who is now the proud owner of an iPod Nano?! Kaedyn Maddox Smith, the five year old. Again, genius…you suck ‘em in at all ages. Plus, you made me a pretty cool aunt this Christmas!

Lessons learned: technology is always a hit. Always, and right now you are at the top of your game. Also, re-gifting is AWESOME. I was out nothing, he was ecstatic and something that probably would’ve ended up in a garage sale is now Kaedyn’s treasure!  This definitely isn’t a method you would encourage because you’re all about the bottom line, but so am I. I’ll be thinking of ways to re-gift for the rest of my life. Thanks for the idea!

Re-gifting and a hit present…score!

Admirer of you, business world geniuses


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