Letter #89: Practicality-Gifting’s Finest

December 28, 2010

Dear practicality,

I’m a fan of you. Always have, always will. I think it’s something to do with the fact I’m cheap, or as I prefer to call it…frugal or financially thorough! I don’t like to spend money on frivolous things. I pay my bills, save and give. Actually, this is what I strive for with constant failures. If I need something, I have no problem buying it. However, if it’s an accessory, I thoroughly think it through from every angle before purchasing. This typically results in me not buying it because from your perspective I don’t need it. Maybe this makes me boring…I say it makes me smart!

Thankfully, I have a Mom who loves figuring out exactly what I ‘need,’ filling my stocking with you (and a few fun extras), and always knocks you out of the park! I wear gloves daily in the winter. I hate dry hands, but my gloves were shot. I’d worn them out, BUT they actually became quite a treasure! I could use my iPhone without taking my gloves off. It was genius if you ask me. I began telling people I wanted my gloves this way rather than letting them think I was poor. Of course, my Mom was one step ahead of me already thinking of you, and I got a pretty sweet stocking stuffer…Etip gloves! Gloves that work on my phone and keep me warm…the perfect gift of you!

It doesn’t stop there. I probably spend more money on food than anything else. My love for Chili’s chips and salsa has been voiced more than once, and my stocking was evidence that my Mom reads my blog (she might be the only one :)). Chili’s, Subway and a movie gift card lined the bottom of my stocking! Now that I’ve unloaded my iPod Nano, I need to start using my iTouch. Not only am I cheap, I’m also anal…I don’t like things getting banged up. So, with no case, I refused to carry around my iPod. Request granted: another gift fitting you perfectly! Lastly, I got a cup. Not just any cup…the best cup in the world (available here). These are the cups I drink from at the Carter’s. This is the cup I use day after day at my house because it doesn’t sweat. It keeps ice from melting. It’s like gold in the cup world. I’m not sure if my Mom knew how much I value these cups, or if she just thought it was cool it was OSU. Either way, this will be the only cup I drink from at the APT…guaranteed.

Mom and Dad, thanks for supplying my desire for practical things and for footing the bill when I probably would’ve decided the gloves could make it through the winter and that I could find something to eat in the fridge. Practicality, thanks for making sense to me. Continue playing a huge part in my life, but don’t let me forget to have fun!

Attempting to be ‘financially thorough,’

Tervis Cup Lover


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