Letter #95: ‘Insane’ Update

January 3, 2011

Dear readers,

I’m officially in a three week relationship! Now, I know some of you are holding your breath waiting for my elaborate story about how I met this strapping, godly, funny young man…well, don’t pass out because you’re going to need to hold your breath a little longer. My relationship is with a man named Shaun T and with a workout series called Insanity. I committed to this 60 day program and am tracking my results (here’s my commitment letter). Legitimately, it is the hardest physical undertaking of my life, and I was a 6A high school athlete.

It’s a DVD series of interval training and consists of various ‘moves’ for typically 30 seconds at a time, but each move is put into groups to combine for 3-15 minutes depending on the day. Each DVD is different and emphasizes specific areas. There are literally moves that I still, after 22 days, cannot achieve, but I have improved immensely. Let’s say this…if someone caught this on tape, it could potentially win America’s Funniest Home Videos.

I haven’t lost any weight to this point, but I didn’t change my eating habits at all over the holidays. Typically, I probably would’ve gained, but I simply maintained. More than weight loss, I have noticed a significant difference in my tone. I’ve trimmed up. I don’t know if you’d notice much difference at this point, but I’m more firm and my endurance has increased through the roof (I take a fit test every other week, and the number of ‘moves’ able to do in the allotted time increased significantly).

I’m also tweeting daily (you can follow me here) through this 60 days to encourage accountability in the process. If I don’t complete a day, then I know people will know about it…and it captures my thoughts about the day immediately. Here are the first 21 days…see if you want to attempt this after these comments:

  • Insanity day 1: feel good so far. Nearly puked Danna’s from last night; could only do minimal reps-setting self up for big increases at end.
  • Insanity day 2: woke up more sore than when I went to sleep. The people on it are super human. End of story.
  • Insanity day 3: didn’t know it was possible to be this sore…ever. Stairs, peeing, rising from a chair are all hellacious actions.
  • Insanity day 4: cardio recovery. Easiest day yet, but this isn’t saying much. My body needs 3 days of recovery, not 30 minutes.
  • Insanity day 5: somehow still sore upon wake up. 38 min of ‘pure cardio.’ So hard, but I’m getting better every day!!!
  • Insanity day 6: repeat of day 2 only I was a bit, only a bit, less likely to die. Here’s to later start time bc it’s Sat and tom being Sun!
  • Insanity day 7: Shaun T believes in keeping the Sabbath holy.
  • Insanity day 8: established I have ZERO upper body strength. If I’m ever able to do the push-up moves, it will be a miracle.
  • Insanity day 9: pure cardio=pure hell. Side note: I think I pulled my left hamstring. NO…I have 51 days to go.
  • Insanity day 10: still harder than ever imagined. Note to self: do it in the morning…nearly puked my Cool Greens.
  • Insanity day 11: after finally convincing myself to get out of bed this morn and do it, it was great. I LOVE recovery day!
  • Insanity day 12: still hard as heck, but every day is a little better…Merry Christmas to me!
  • Insanity day 13: thought I was doing well when I only stopped ONCE in pure cardio. Then, they decided to throw the 1st cardio abs at me.
  • Insanity day 14: Shaun T knew it was Rother family Christmas…day off!!
  • Insanity day 15: 2nd fit test=immense improvement with a long way to go/Christmas food yesterday didn’t help!
  • Insanity day 16: does this ever get easier?!
  • Insanity day 17: broke up pure cardio and cardio abs with Christmas decor destruction…best decision of today.
  • Insanity day 18: thank God for cardio recovery, and doing it this late sucks. Lunch with friends=worth it.
  • Insanity day 19: Happy New Year to me?!
  • Insanity day 20: 33% complete!
  • Insanity day 21: Day off!!!

More than anything, I feel better when I work out and this has been a great avenue thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results of all this, but I’m also proud of the consistency I’m establishing in my life as well as the fact that I’m pushing through and completing this commitment even though it’s REALLY hard.

Must press on and finish this race,

Insane committer


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