Letter #98: Meeting of the Minds

January 6, 2011

Dear meeting of the minds,

Being sick couldn’t keep me from you. Thankfully, since 6:30 yesterday morning I’ve moved from fluids leaving my body to fluids remaining within me. After missing a day of work, tons of sleep, not eating and having my appetite return, I got special permission to attend you. How in the world could I miss this?

For various reasons, the majority of K-West’s (the specific Kanakuk Kamp I work at) leadership team was in Shady B for the week (disclaimer: Erin was a special guest…she has not changed her mind about summer). We took advantage of the opportunity to get together, play some games, enjoy some skit characters (Bob and Tony…a.k.a. Ward and Todd, K-West’s directors!) and start talking through summer 2011 as a team.

I’m floored by the amount of gifting I get to work with in the summers, which translates into year around friendships. Ever person is so different, yet we’re all on the same page…bringing kids closer to Christ as we figure out how to walk more closely. The people in this room challenge me to be better, to seek the Lord more faithfully, to pursue my passions and dreams. They talk the talk, walk the walk and are making differences for the kingdom around this country individually.

I was excited about summer 2011 before you, but my excitement has increased. The vision has been cast. Ideas are being executed. Changes made. It’s January…in Branson, Kamp has begun!

Hoping Bob and Tony make an appearance this summer,

The Recovering Sickling








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