Letter #99: The Best Gift Available

January 7, 2011

Dear thoughtfulness,

At the ripe young age of 23, I’ve come to grips with you more than I ever dreamed I would. When I was a kid, I wanted the newest Super Nintendo game, hottest basketball shoes and trendiest Lucky jeans for birthdays, Christmases and any other holiday. Now, I could care less about any of these things…well, this is obvious considering I have no idea where my Super Nintendo is (I need to find that!), no longer play ball and haven’t worn Lucky brand since at least high school.

Different material things have replaced my Nike’s and Donkey Kong over the years, but I’ve come to a point where I could care less about this ‘stuff.’ Well, care less is an overstatement, let’s be honest; however, material things have moved down my list of wants. Maybe this is because I don’t have a ton of money causing me to understand the ability to find contentment in so many other avenues. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up. Or maybe it’s just because I’m lame. Who really knows or cares.

Reality: when I receive you, I’m learning to value you on new levels, and I’m trying to incorporate you into my gift giving more than ever. Sure, expensive gifts signify value as well as you. Do not get me wrong…my point isn’t anti-materialism. My point is that 30, 50, 100 bucks doesn’t have to be spent in order to achieve you. I’m thankful for this because I’d be the most ‘thoughtless’ person in existence.

My new wave of thought originated with the date packets I gave my family for Christmas, and I just kept seeking out ways to achieve you. Here are a few of them:

(My friend is moving to Hawaii. I bought a bar of Dove soap, wrapped it and made it ‘surfboard wax.’ What does every Hawaiian need?!)

(My friend who loves to travel had a birthday recently. I included this with a few other goodies in a package mailed to her apartment.)

(My friend graduated from college in December. Well, I didn’t have any other stationary with me, so I worked with it! Then, I printed some fun/funny pictures on regular computer paper (i.e. cheap), cut them up, wrote some commentary in between photos and shipped it. I was out a stamp thanks for using my parent’s printer!)

I don’t say all this to toot my own horn one bit. In fact, most people probably think this is pretty lame, and I’m fine with that. I say this to demonstrate the fact we can make people feel like a million bucks without spending a bunch of money. Now, if our government could jump on this train.

Let’s bring the gift of you to our loved ones,

Attempter of enhanced thoughtfulness



One comment

  1. I love my gift, but I have one question… does the itinerary guarantee a trip with you or is this just a tease?! Why must you tease me so?

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