Letter #100: Garth’s New Song?

January 8, 2011

Dear friends in small places,

I know, I know, I got it wrong…it’s ‘Friends in Low Places,’ but where these friends come from is anywhere but low. Sixteen months ago I showed up at an island themed resort turned summer camp, and my life is not the same because of it. A few nights ago, a heck of a lot of you made your way back to Branson for the K-Life conference, and it was SO good to be together again.

I began the journey of the Kanakuk Institute thinking I’d learn a good amount about the Bible, gain at least one more summer of K-West and make a few friends along the way, but never in a million years did I dream of life change. I have a biblical foundation that I look to, or at least hope to look to, for every decision I make with an understanding of God’s Word that I didn’t know was possible. I have been set up for success in my current job.

And somehow, I have more friends than I ever dreamed of having. Real friends. Friends who know, love and want to serve the Lord to the best of their ability. Friends who would literally open up their home to host me in whatever city I may be coming through. Friends who challenge me to be better. Friends who ask great questions and want to know the answers. Friends that pray for me.

I began my year at the Institute in a really ‘small place,’ sharing a room on a campus where you literally see everyone of your 69 classmates for at least 25% of the day. I left the year knowing that all 69 of my friends would likely never be in the same place again. For a split second, a few hours, 20 something of us were again able to be ‘friends in small places,’ and it just happened to be in a Branson apartment. The 40-plus others were missed but not forgotten.

May each of us find friends like you,

Advocate of Garth writing a new song


One comment

  1. Why aren’t you in any of the pictures? I am starting to think you are not actually at some of these places 🙂

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