Letter #102: War Cam Eagle!

January 10, 2011

Dear national championship,

I have been silent for far too long…well, let’s be honest, I haven’t been silent ever, in my entire life. Let me rephrase…I have been silent about Cam Newton for far too long. Today, the day you will be played, for better or for worse, I speak.

Somewhere during this blogging journey, I, along with 50,000 other girls my age and 150,000 man-crushes, have developed an aside comment crush on the Heisman trophy winner, Auburn quarterback. I’ve been reamed for it along the way, but I can’t help it. I’m impressed by his build. Intrigued by his story (Tebow back-up, to Juco, to Heisman winner and playing for you). And that smile!

Then, there had to go and be more drama surrounding him than a high school cheerleading squad. My public comments had to cease in order for me to process the facts and see where I stood on the issue. Well, here I am, twoish months later, with you being played tonight, and I’m still not sure I know exactly where I stand.

I do believe that at this point Cam better be cleared for good. There is no way that more information can be discovered on it unless shadeballs have been holding out until after you’re played. If this is the case, then it’s all been about money (maybe it’s all about money anyway considering that’s the big issue). If Cam was suspended, hands down, you wouldn’t bring as much revenue tonight and your viewing ratings would be lower. Therefore, if he is/was guilty, he should already have been punished. At this point, be done with it.

On the bigger scale, this is the perfect example of the sanctity of college football being tainted. Leave the dirty money, shadeballs and drama for the NFL. Let college football be defined by athletes playing their hearts out for something bigger than themselves on top of trying to make it to the NFL. Let TCU’s season be the definition for pure college football (you better not be doing shady things I’m unaware of thus making me look dumb!).

All of this being said, I’m already in my Auburn shirt today. I will be cheering loud for the team with ‘normal’ uniforms from the plains of West Texas watching you tonight. May the battle of the defenses and the shootout of the offenses begin.

War Cam Eagle,

Picking Auburn 48-41…What’s your pick?

One comment

  1. as we all know… i’m a fan of the “visual experience” you could say… and because Oregon has the coolest uniforms each and every time… and i’m expecting this to be the same for tonight… I am rooting for those sweet little Ducks. And also because- who even knows where Oregon is and who ever visits there? No one. This is why I am choosing Oregon. I don’t even know a single player who plays for them… 🙂

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