Letter #103: January Traveling Adventures

January 11, 2011

Dear traveling,

So, we meet again. This week commenced my Spring of you. It will be much more minimal than the Fall, but I get to visit places I’ve never been before which means visiting new people as well! A stint of stability, both in Branson and in Oklahoma for the holidays, was much needed, but I’m excited to be back on the road. Maybe, just maybe I’ll cross your path along the way.

Here’s a rundown of my next three weeks:

  • Jan. 9-13: West Texas for family shows; Lubbock, Odessa and Seminole
  • Jan. 16-21: The North for family shows with one college
  • Jan. 17-18: University of Nebraska
  • Jan. 18: Mt. Vernon, Iowa
  • Jan. 19: Des Moines, Iowa
  • Jan. 20-21: Quincy, Illinois
  • Jan. 23-24: Mississippi family shows
  • Jan. 25-26: Mississippi College
  • Jan. 26-27: Mississippi State
  • Jan. 27-28: Ole Miss

Talk about a diverse group of places to go. From the plains of West Texas to the tundra of Nebraska to the southern belles of Mississippi, I will see all sorts on my adventures. I’ll also add three states I’ve never visited to my collection as well as a TON more mileage!

Now, I just have to figure out how I can fit Insanity in along the way to uphold my 60 day commitment. Did I mention that I’m traveling with Kara and Allen all three weeks…all of us 23/24, all of us new to this job?! This should provide some great stories!

Living on the road for January,

Nomad at heart


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