Letter #104: Lubbock Isn’t Lame

January 12, 2011

Dear Lubbock,

You are literally in the middle of NOwhere. We took a trek through Rother’s memory lane to get to you and still were nowhere close. After a night at Casa de la Roth in Edmond (a priceless Saturday night in my post college career including Michael Jackson Wii dancing, Brooke’s birthday celebration and a Mama Roth dinner with 10 people from literally all walks of life), the 15 passenger headed south through good ‘old Lawton (my hometown), west through Altus (home of many of my athletic endeavors) then through a plethora of small Oklahoma and Texas towns that fit the stereotype perfectly. After hours of desert like scenery and touch and go phone service, we made it!

Upon arrival, we got to see the Lord work immediately. Long story, but we didn’t have a place to stay. A K-West staff girl instantly volunteered her family’s home, they were more than happy to host us, and it ended up being such a blessed evening of conversation. Between this family and the Kanakuk home show we did, it was evident your people were gems.

Not to mention, who knew I had so many connections to you?! I was able to have great catch up time with this small group staff girl and friend.

I got to have breakfast with this old K-West programs girl, roommate and friend just six days before her wedding (yes, I rocked my Auburn shirt ALL day for the big game…War Eagle!)!!

I was able to reconnect with one of my new members and friends from when I was Kappa Delta’s New Member Educator (pledge trainer) at OSU…she transferred to Tech and is now their President…trained ‘em right (kidding, she’s a stud all on her own)!!

And, I was able to swing by my cousin’s house and play with her two little girls and catch up with her and her husband.

SO fun to connect with so many old friends, and you know I made Allen and Kara take me to see Texas Tech’s campus. I didn’t interview, so this doesn’t count in my traveling challenge numbers. However, I loved seeing another Big XII school. This campus was far larger and more beautiful than I ever dreamed. I expected pastures surrounding ugly buildings…probably exactly what most people expect OSU to be!). Instead, you were classy, very Texas and big. Good to add another campus to the list!

(And then there was this…the epitome of redneck spotted on Tech’s campus!!! Too funny and stereotypical not to include!)

You may be in the middle of nowhere, but you are filled with great people. I’ve already been blown away by the ‘niceness’ that is West Texas.

Lubbock isn’t lame,

Appreciator of Casa de la Roth

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  1. love the post! so good to see you again!

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