Letter #105: Friday Night Lights

January 13, 2011

Dear Friday Night Lights,

You have defined many of our falls for years, and now I have walked through the core of your beginnings. Well, honestly not your true beginnings, but at least your Hollywood start. In 2004, a movie with your title was created. Today, you also have a TV show. Back in the day, this stadium was the only place to be during you. Permian High School was the powerhouse of Texas football, and all this fame began in Odessa, TX.

Who knew I’d be visiting such a famed place?! I thought I was simply in the middle of nowhere Texas. Upon arrival, we realized the Permian Jackalopes were real and present. After experiencing Bryant-Denny and Neyland Stadium, it was imperative to add Ratliff Stadium to my collection. You would have thought I was breaking into Fort Knox. I kid you not, there were more fences, locks and security on this field than any college campus I’ve attended. Spikes the length of my hand lined the fence tops like a prison. Obviously these people take you very seriously.

At the end of our efforts, nearly ready to quit, we found a breach in security: an open gate. We entered, parked and found an open gate to the field. Not the most climatic experience of my life, but still neat. This stadium is massive, larger than some college stadiums. Maybe the more impressive sighting: the amount of parking for it. The cement slabs were endless. All I could envision was what this sight would look like with you in your prime filled with thousands. Wow.

To this day, you have the ability to fill this stadium even though the team isn’t nearly as good. Not to mention, the people of this town who fill the stadium that I met are priceless. Some of the most gracious families ever are in Odessa, TX. Good times had in the football mecca…I mean this is even the town I got to witness Auburn win the national championship! Now I have to go watch Billy Bob Thorton in your movie again because I can’t remember it for the life of me.

I’m basically famous,

Visitor of THE Ratliff Stadium


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