Letter #106: Perspective

January 14, 2011

Dear perspective,

You have been gained this week. Saturday, I left for another week of trail. Big deal, it’s my eighth week, but this week was different. I was doing family shows instead of college. I was interacting with adults, moms, dads, lawyers, teachers, kampers, babies and the list goes on. These weren’t college kids wanting to explore their faith and summer options. These are adults, parents who are deciding how to invest their money, time and efforts into the development of their children. Kanakuk is an investment, one I believe is worth it. Families make huge sacrifices throughout the year to get their kids to kamp because they believe in the truths instilled at kamp and the life change that can happen because of the Lord there.

All that being said, interacting with college students is comfortable for me. I can relate. I don’t understand what it means to send my kid to kamp and be away for weeks at a time. I don’t understand a parent’s love for a child. This isn’t my comfort zone. It’s not a natural setting for me. However, I had the best week!

I LOVED getting to meet West Texas families. Good thing, I’m doing them all next week too! I loved getting to do life with them for a bit. I loved playing and chatting with kids and dropping them off at school! I valued the conversations I was able to have with parents. The Lord used this week to open my eyes in so many ways.

First of all, I semi live in a bubble. I don’t always see or understand how ‘normal’ American families do life because I’m surrounded by people who live on kamp schedules. It’s refreshing to see people from every occupation, economic status and location being completely sold out for the Lord in their everyday ‘normal’ American lives. Secondly, I was able to see from a whole new you why we do what we do at Kanakuk. Kamp plays a HUGE role in kids’ lives, and I was able to see this in a new light. Kamp changes lives. Entire families. Kids spend time in the Word because they saw their counselor do it. Kids are mentoring younger students because a kitchie took time to invest in them.

My expectations of what this week would be were blown out of the water. I was refreshed, challenged professionally and personally, invested in and loved on all while telling potential families about kamp. I have a better grasp on my purpose today than I did last week. I will continue to invest in staff and kids’ lives praying Christ would change them and in turn communities can be different.

Twenty-three and loving doing life with families,

Gainer of you



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