Letter #107: Saturdays Without Football?

January 15, 2011

Dear Saturdays,

What will we ever do with you now that we don’t have college football to watch? Legitimately, I think we might be lost. We can’t wake and eat our Andy Dalton box of Wheaties while watching College Gameday only to put on our team colors, orange and black of course, to gear up for the big game by watching whatever other game is on TV before it. And this is only for games we can’t make it to. The ones we can attend consist of hours upon hours of tailgating and if you’re really cool, you have a TV set up and get to multitask.

So, for the past four, maybe five months, you have been lined out for us. Football season has ceased…the fun one at least. Now the question is, what will we do with all this extra time?

Well, I have a few ideas. I will start by having you not scheduled around a game time. You will consist of more reading. Writing. Exploring Shady B. Traveling (well, maybe after my work traveling ceases). Movie watching. Engaging old friends and new acquaintances in great conversation. Thrifting. Decorating (sadly, my apartment is still undecorated).

I LOVE college football, but it seems to have the ability to suck us in…in the best and worst ways. I’ll miss cheering on my Cowboys and watching Cam annihilate the SEC, but I also look forward to having my weekends back to spend them how I want them. Besides, if it’s ever missed too much, the draft discussions have already begun and will entertain for several weeks, then there will be a brief hiatus, then 2011’s polls will come out and talk will begin about who the national championship contenders will be.

Here’s to weekends being creative again,

Explorer of Shady B?!



  1. i’ve read this post at least four times now. and i keep scratchin my head every time.

    Reading. Writing. Exploring. Traveling. Movie watching. Engaging old friends and new acquaintances in great conversation. Thrifting. Decorating.

    There is something that is more eye-opening than reading. More direct than writing. More adventurous than exploring. More life-changing than movie watching. More inclusive than engaging new and old friends. Less expensive and more valuable than thrifting. And much much more beautiful than decorating.

    Serving. Mentoring. Volunteering. Donating. Giving. Teaching.

    I can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday. Those are the things I constantly encourage and push my friends just out of college to do on a consistent basis with their free time.

    If you’re trying to get creative, I would try it! The ROI is incredible.

    • Thanks for the advice. I agree 100%. However, I also believe that you can expand yourself too thin and with my current schedule Saturdays are my only day to download. It’s imperative that I maintain a healthy lifestyle as I am pouring out and investing all week on the road. Saturday is my opportunity to do this. Proud of you for what you do, and I hope to find my niche eventually. Currently, my life is too unstable and transient. Thanks for the the input!

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