Letter #108: Bargain Alert

January 16, 2011

Dear bargains,

I’ve found another one of you!!! Well, I exaggerate. I’ve known about this one for awhile now, but it’s one of Branson’s best kept secrets. In Shady B’s small, neighboring town of Forsythe, there’s a hole in the wall barbecue joint, Danna’s. If you want barbecue, this is where Bransonites go!

They have all the best originals such as burgers, fries, pork and beef sandwiches, etc., but they also have very unique trademarks. These include the BBQ quesadilla and BBQ nachos. Nothing like the combination of barbecue and Mexican!

Of all the restaurants in Branson, I’d say this has become my guests biggest request of dining when they visit. Friends, remember this for your next visit! Besides the food being wonderful, the service is even better. These people are priceless and such a joy to do business with. They even love Kanakuk and give us a discount! I can get a large portioned meal for less than $6. See, I told you I found another one of you. I can barely eat fast food for this price.

With all this being said, when I eat out, Danna’s tends to be a frequented location. Here are a few of my most recent dining experiences with some fun people:

(Some of the K-West Krew made a visit from Waco/Dallas this weekend!)

(Danna’s hosted a Kanakuk Christmas party…needless to say, it was packed!)

(Some of my Institute class that still lives in Shady B-somehow I managed the same scarf both occasions)

(Bronwyn, Le’Bron’wyn…easily one of my Branson favorites!)

I’ll take a BBQ quesadilla and a water please,

Appreciator of great customer service


One comment

  1. Dana’s does have some really great BBQ! I believe that there’s also a location off Fall Creek Road, that’s right in Branson too.

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