Letter #110: Road Bikes, Running, Relationships

January 18, 2011

Dear relationships,

Last night, I experienced my first snow of 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska. I missed last week’s snow when I was in West Texas…I don’t think it snows in the desert.  Anyways, as I was driving downtown, I couldn’t help noticing the bike lane. It was in the center of the road. A lane of traffic, vehicles, on each side. We crossed over the bike lane to switch lanes. Death trap if you ask me.

So, here I am, standing in the middle of the road in the middle of the bike lane in the snow and freezing Nebraska temperatures. Why?! Well, for whatever reason, these lanes got me thinking about you. Strange, I know, but roll with me.

This weekend, I got to have relationship 101 with one of my favorite married couples. They’re 65 and 57 and have been married for 35+ years. I spend a good amount of time with them, but this was different. You quickly became the center of conversation. Every question imaginable was thrown out. Interested in anybody? What type of guy are you interested in? Who was dateable in your Institute class? Anybody in this Institute class? Do you want to be married? Does it freak you out that you’re not even close to marriage? What do you expect marriage to be like? No boundaries.

Then, the couple weighed in. We agreed I needed a strong leader to offset my strong will but not to the point of butting heads. The husband informed me I needed someone I trusted to lead. If I trusted, then I would willingly master the ‘S’ word……get your head out of the gutter (mid convo, mine was there too), he meant submission.

Their biggest advice about you were unselfishness and not taking the other for granted. Simple enough right? Hah. I take things for granted daily and am the only person affected when I make decisions. I fail in both of these single. I have a lot of work to do.

So where does this bike lane come into play. After nearly two hours of talking about you, the husband told me a friend of his decided he was simply going to run during his singleness. He would go about his business and run toward the Lord. As he was running, he’d look left, then right and see who was running with him. If he saw girl running toward the Lord, then maybe, just maybe, they could run together. They’re still running together today.

So, as I observed the death trap, all I envisioned was someone running in the middle of the street with purpose. The world surrounding, distractions everywhere, but the runner staying the course. Every once in awhile, seldomly, the head turned right, then left, then straight back ahead. Nobody to run with yet.

The runner was me.

Running with purpose, but remaining aware,

Risker of life to stand in the middle of roads to take blog worthy pics



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