Letter #112: Nebraska-‘The Good Life’

January 20, 2011

Dear Nebraska,

Well, I’m still a bit frustrated about you leaving the Big XII, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t stoked about our visit. However, you shocked me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Lincoln! Besides Lincoln and Omaha, you don’t offer much, but Lincoln is a cool city. Literally…I don’t think I’ve ever been more cold than I’ve been this week.

You offered my first snow of the winter along with my first experience with ‘The Good Life.’ Who knew this was your motto?! As cold as you were, I’m going to question how ‘good’ life is, but it definitely isn’t bad.

Our downtown hotel allowed for great insight into your city as well as a brisk walk to Lazlo’s Brewery for dinner…best veggie wrap I’ve had (only veggie wrap I’ve ever had!). We knocked out all our interviews (this is important), and I still managed to have time to grab the best ice cream in town, ‘Ivanna Cone’ with a kamp friend where we were kicked out twice for lingering past closing time…long convos define a great kamp reunion!

Because we finished interviewing at night, our morning was free. I had trekked all the way to you and only got to see your campus in the dark. This wasn’t cutting it. Then, the time came when my dreams came true. An old staff girl is a Cornhusker cheerleader which turned out to be a great connection for us. She offered to take us on a Memorial Stadium tour. I didn’t know exactly what these details meant, but I do know I saw more inside Husker football than I’ve ever dreamed of seeing anywhere else including OSU.

You have no professional teams, so Husker football is your livelihood. Your people take this seriously. I stood in a simulation room and watched the gameday and Heisman experience. I gazed upon your National Championship trophies. Indoor practice facility, weight room, training room, hall of NFL players, and I stood on the field.

I’ve gotten to do some fun stuff on trail this year. Tennessee and Alabama’s stadiums rank pretty high in best trail experiences. You have surpassed and created a new No. 1. I’ve never seen that closely into any athletic program. I have no idea how many millions, if not billions of dollars I was standing in, but regardless, this was a memory for the record books.

You were entered with very low expectations at the beginning of the week. The state of ‘The Good Life’ blew me away.

Still deciding if I like you fully after pulling out of the Big XII,

Expecter of little, receiver of excitement


One comment

  1. Next time you are at OU, I can show you all of that here! You will love it, I know haha! 😉

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