Letter #115: Q-town: 8th Best City

January 23, 2011

Dear Quincy,

Seeing as my most elaborate story-telling friend grew up in you, I knew more about you than I bargained for going into this Illinois stop. I felt as though I knew lots about you coming in, but I didn’t have a clue I was walking into Wisteria Lane! You are the quaintest little city I’ve visited yet, and you were even better than what I expected based on Brooke’s elaborate descriptions.

I’ve never been to the east coast (well I’ve been to NYC but it doesn’t count in this context), but you are what I envision historic parts of colonial America to be such as Virginia and Massachusetts. The homes in downtown and on Main St. look like these. They are gorgeous!

Your location is impeccable. You sit on the Mississippi River. You have a train running to Chicago. You’re two hours from both St. Louis and Springfield, IL. Therefore, your economy is pretty stable because you’re the biggest city around for a lot of people.

You have one huge high school, so the entire town is behind it. I’ve always thought this would’ve been a neat environment to play in; instead, I had three big high schools in my hometown. Your basketball program is solid. According to a very reliable source, it’s in the top four or five winningest programs in the country. Not only is this good for sports, but all your schools seemed to have great facilities. All the tax money goes to one place.

All these attributes have even snagged you the No. 8 spot on Forbes Magazine’s “Best Small Cities to Raise a Family.” I completely understand how this could be. You’re small, but not too small. You’re affordable. You’re safe. You have chain companies and restaurants, but you have a fun local flair. I can attest to this because I dined at the famous and Brooke’s favorite, Gem City Pizzeria and Mexican Restaurant. What a combination!

Based on the eight-ish inches of snow present during my visit, I’m not convinced I could be a permanent resident yet. I have heard you are famous for actually having four seasons, which helps your cause. Weather may be the only drawback I saw in you. You were a treat to visit, especially because I got to hang with the Roberts’!

Creating my own elaborate stories about you,

Claiming livability in Quincy, IL



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