Letter #116: Perfect Job?

January 24, 2011

Dear livelihood,

I get asked often what exactly my job entails, which really means how do I gain you. We all have to gain you somehow. We live in a day and age where everyone wants to have this perfect job where every detail is our favorite thing in life. We all want to have dream jobs. This isn’t necessarily realistic. Reality: 1) no job is perfect. 2) bill collectors don’t stop calling while they wait for us to find perfection.

At the end of the day, we have to pay the bills. We have to achieve you. Before my job with Kanakuk Kamps fell into place, I was fully prepared to make ends meet any way necessary. OK, this just sounds shady. Let me rephrase: I was prepared to eliminate my pride and take jobs my degree overqualified me for to be a responsible adult. This is a difficult concept for some because we think we should achieve our parents‘ status at 23. We have to start our careers somewhere friends, and I can guarantee one thing. It’s not going to be at the top.

So, here I am, making ends meet in my first ‘real world’ job. My title: K-West Intern. Bottom of the totem pole. If you’ve read this blog for long at all, you know I really do love my job. If not, I love my job. Somehow, I was lucky enough blessed to land something I seriously enjoy. Even still, there are parts that aren’t perfect. Nothing is. Truth is, I do the things well, or at least try to, that I don’t love about my job in order to get to do the things I love. We can’t always choose to do what we love, but we can always choose to love what we do.

It’s not about having the perfect job or making a comfortable salary. It’s about making the best out of what’s in front of you. I may have a job I currently love, but I’ve mowed yards and ran a gym’s daycare, so I’ve been at the other end of the spectrum. We all want to make a difference, have purpose in this world. We don’t have to have the perfect job to do this. I’m convinced I can impact our world in any occupation.

It’s about the people we get to interact with daily. The people our job directly affects. Gaining you is valuable, but the people involved in the pursuit of you are invaluable. While I love my job, most of it at least, I do it because I get to invest in, learn from, laugh with and be shaped by thousands of kampers, college staff, co-workers and kamp families every single day. These pictures are with a couple K-West kampers. They epitomize why I do what I do, but the truth is I could impact people and gain you doing a ton of other things besides working for kamp. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy gaining you by being at the bottom of the totem pole!

Learning to gain you one day at a time,

Base of the totem pole

(My friend, Jane, made the frame in the top photo. She is unbelievably creative…see here. This sign got me thinking about all this.)


One comment

  1. WOO-HOO! My craftiness made the blog! So fun having you here last week. I’m glad we are finally friends. 🙂

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