Letter #118: Bulldog Nation

January 26, 2011

Dear Mississippi State,

I came into you with zero preconceived notions. I left your campus impressed, minus the fact that it rained the entire time I was present. However, this uncontrollable factor did not ruin your experience, and I was more thankful than ever for my recent investment in a rain jacket…I’ve taken the plunge, thankfully got a great deal from one of your alumni, and the Kappa Delta beauty I’ve been rockin’ is officially retired! I digress.

Your campus is huge. It seemed super spread out, yet you still had a fairly close knit feel. I couldn’t find proof of this fact, but I was told you were the second largest campus acreage wise in the U.S. You were big, but this would surprise me a bit.

Due to the rain, I had to get my tour of you in a car. Thankfully, you’re big enough that it was still possible to see everything because you had roads everywhere. Check my 7th, if not 8th, SEC stadium off the list! You not only had a massive football stadium, but I was floored by your baseball stadium. Apparently, your program is pretty solid, and I was intrigued by the fans I heard tailgate on stilt type structures in the outfield to see over the fence. How fun!!

My time in Starkville was short and filled mostly with interviews, however, I did get to make one stop. The campus bakery for lunch. I was told this was a must visit, and I believe it! Homemade bread equals best sandwich I’ve had in a while and homemade cookie and ice cream, well this can never go wrong! While my time was short, my reunions were brilliant. Fun to see and spend time with both old and new kamp staff! Not to mention, I decided you are just filled with good people, with distinct accents of course!!

Thanks for a good run with the Bulldogs,

SEC round maker


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