Letter #120: Hotty Toddy!

January 28, 2011

Dear Ole Miss,

Hotty Toddy. Colonel Reb. The Black Bear. The Grove. Square Books. Eli Manning. The Blindside. Oxford Square. Your list of notoriety could go on and on, and for the first time in five years, I will understand what Derek, my summer 2011 Athletic Director co and alumnus of you, is talking about.

I’m still bitter about last year’s Cotton Bowl when you defeated my Cowboys, but I moved on and truly appreciated you. When I think SEC and the South, you are what comes to mind. For the most part, your students are the most dressed up campus I’ve attended. Big hair. Boots galore. Very put together. I got to spend time with one of my small group girls from kamp. She is Southern to the max and fits these descriptions perfectly!

Every sports fan has heard of ‘The Grove’ at some point on Sportscenter. I got to see it. It’s legitimately just a patch of grass in the middle of campus complete with wi-fi. I just wish I could see it on gameday. Grass is apparently unable to be seen and from what I understand, this is where tailgating is at it’s finest. T-shirts aren’t acceptable. Heels are normal. Eating off china and under chandeliers actually happens, but I was told people use fake look items that look expensive.

I LOVED the Oxford Square. If I had to get married in a courthouse, I’d choose yours. The Courthouse is in the center, surrounded by the cutest downtown ever. We ate at Ajax and Bottle Tree and I visited the famous Square Books, but more than anything I loved the look. Your storefronts were precious while your products inside summed up your students…rich and frat. I never saw a shirt for less than $150. Loved the atmosphere. Definitely wouldn’t spend much time here.

(Stairs at Square Books)

Add another stadium and t-shirt to my visits! Derek showed me all things Ole Miss and even got me a shirt! He went with baseball because that’s your claim to fame…you average around 10,000 fans a game. Your baseball stadium was unreal and based on your football and basketball seasons, we’re all putting our hope in baseball. We also made it on your football field, which for some reason just hasn’t gotten old! I have now seen where both Manning brothers started their careers!

My big question about you was “why Ole Miss?!” You are the University of Mississippi. Well, I got my answer. It roots to slave days when slaves referred to men as ‘Master’ and women as ‘Ole Miss.’ It became a play on the word Mississippi and stuck. My time in the ‘Sip was super fun, but it also opened my eyes to how real the Civil War was. Every campus had buildings remaining from that time frame. Legend is General Grant rode through one on your campus signifying the Union’s presence in the South. I sure am thankful things shook out the way they did.

You were a fun campus. The most tangible way to describe you is comparisons to Oklahoma. You would be OU and Mississippi State would be more similar to OSU. You’re simply more uppity. Not a bad quality, just different. Regardless, I enjoyed my time with you and your people.

Hotty Toddy!

Last time to spell Mississippi?!



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