Letter #122: LIFE.

January 30, 2011

Dear life,

You’re starting to look a whole lot less like a traveling commercial and a whole lot more like a typical 23 year old’s ‘stable’ version of you. Well, let’s be honest, there is nothing ‘typical’ about my version of you. I live in Branson for crying out loud!

This is the first time my suitcase has been unpacked in four months. It feels good to fully be in one place for awhile.

This is the first time my fridge has been filled in four months. My bank account hated paying the bill, but my body is LOVING being in control of my meals. While scanning my groceries the sweet, 75-year-old cashier told me, “Ma’am, you sure do eat healthy.” Music to my ears considering what trail meals can sometimes look like!

All in all, you have been very unique the past four months. I’m excited and anxious about what lies ahead for us. Luckily, I embraced long ago that you’re a process, so I’m just thankful to be living you at the moment!

I have groceries and get to eat what I want!!!

Life Lover

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