Letter #123: What Do YOU Want?!

January 31, 2011

Dear day 123,

I’m a logical girl. I like a plan. I like goals. Tangible ones. If something doesn’t have purpose, it’s most likely not worth doing. This is how my mind operates concerning life. This is typically a strength of mine, but it also means rest isn’t at the top of my priorities. It can become a weakness just like any of our strengths. Never fear though, I take my fair share of naps to keep myself in check!

When I started this whole blogging journey, I didn’t just begin aimlessly. I thought about it for months first. If I was going to do it, I didn’t want it to be half hearted. If I was going to commit, it must have purpose. Now I didn’t know where it was going to go once I started, but I began 123 days ago with these objectives.

  • to record my first year of real world for me
  • to track my travels (I’ll be traveling for at least 7 weeks to cities and campuses)
  • to deal with obstacles individually, then publicly allow others to benefit
  • to allow friends, family, Kamp family and strangers be part of my rookie season
  • to build relationships through being personal and REAL
  • most importantly, to make people laugh!!!

You have brought re-evaluation to the forefront of my mind. I’ve been able to fulfill objective #2 with flying colors, but now that my traveling days are over, I won’t be tracking my travels as frequently.

So, as I’m re-evaluating #2, I want to commence re-evaluating this whole production. I believe objectives #1 and #3-6 (well hopefully #6!) are still attainable. However, without traveling, I’m going to have get to become more creative with content. I have several ideas already, but I haven’t come up with any new goals or objectives.

I don’t necessarily need anymore, but I want this endeavor to have purpose and stay on track. If nothing else, I want to be able to look back and see what I was learning at 23. So today, day 123, you allow me to re-evaluate and reflect. You also allow me to ask my readers (if anyone really reads this thing!) what they would like. No promises, but give me some feedback. It might help me iron out the details of where this endeavor goes from here. Plus, your feedback could create some hilarious content!

Re-evaluating Letters for Lindsay,

Needing to re-evaluate portions of Lindsay



  1. I would personally like a play by play of each day for the rest of the year- i feel like this could get interesting! In all seriousness, love your blog, love YOU! whatever you write about will be amusing! have a whimsical day!

  2. Okay here’s the thing- Lydia’s right- people will read whatever you write about because we love you! I know it’s daunting to think of writing about nothing (we do it every day) but it definitely stretches your creativity. Now that you’re finished traveling, hopefully you’ll have more YOU time. Time to learn new things, take a class or two, play evening sports, or pick up a new hobby. Just remember #1- you’re doing it for you. You want to look back and remember year 23 as an adventure- just start making it happen and the rest will come naturally.


  3. I love your blog and read daily! Keep up the good work! A few ideas: Branson hot spots, college stories, childhood memories, biblical knowledge….and of course your love for animals 🙂

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