Letter #124: The Next Step

February 1, 2011

Dear life post Kanakuk,

I’ve been thinking about you a great deal lately. It seems every person I speak to or spend time with asks, ‘So, what’s next? You going to keep working for Kamp, or what are you going to do? Do you want to keep working for Kanakuk? If not, what do you want to do?”

Then, begins a fairly awkward conversation of me being uncertain of how to answer and people wondering, at least from my perspective, if I’ll ever have a tangible plan for more than a year at time. Trust me, I wonder this too. Currently, I’m unsure, but I’m not stressed about it.

I walked through this same situation a year ago. My future being unknown has become about as normal to me as traveling the country in a 15 passenger van. I don’t want to go to Kamp this summer not knowing what you look like, but I’m also truly content not knowing.

So, here I am. First day of February. Committed to Kanakuk until August 13th. With all the questions I’ve been getting along with summer getting closer, I’ve been thinking about you often. If this is it for my days with Kamp, what would I want to do next? What city should I live in? Where do I go from here? You are beginning to become a hot topic of conversation.

Going to Fayetteville for one last minute trail event last night opened my eyes to you in a new way. I got to have dinner with some K-West favorites, all of which have moved on and are living you well. They are plugged into their communities. They love their jobs. They are making a difference in the midst of you.

While I have been at a place of contentment about my future being unknown, whether summer 2011 will be it for Kamp in my world or not and simply what is next for awhile, seeing my friends doing life well last night excited and encouraged me even more. I don’t know what you will look like, but I’m more excited than ever to discover the next step and maybe create a bit more stability than one year at a time!

Fayetteville friends bringin’ perspective,

Content and anxious to figure out the next step

P.S. Suggestions for future options are welcome!


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