Letter #125: SnOw Responsible

February 2, 2011

Dear snow,

When mayhem ensued and the world was bracing itself for the biggest winter weather experience since 1912 in the Branson area and Oklahoma was predicting double digit inches of you, I was skeptical. The weather men didn’t miss this one. You have arrived!

I never saw more than six, maybe eight, inches of you growing up, and it maybe snowed once a year (Oklahoma has 16 inches in some parts…global warming?!). But when that day finally arrived, my walking distance friends and I owned the neighborhood! Snowball fights, sledding, the biggest snowmen possible, tackle football. Then, we strategically plotted who’s house we went to warm up at based on snack options. Of course, Mama Roth was always top of the list!

Then there was college. Just when I thought snow days couldn’t get better than when you’re a kid, college rocked my world. In my four years of school (yes, I finished in four…shocking, I know!), I had maybe half a dozenish days off. There is nothing more fun than living within walking distance of everybody you know in town. Plus, I lived in my sorority house…80+ girls stranded=hilarious moments. Somehow, sledding (on the massive Kappa Delta cookie sheets-oops, here’s my confession!) and snow ball fights were even more fun!

I wish I could say you just keep getting more fun with age, but I can’t. The only exception could be if I had kids and getting to take them to play in you, but I don’t! So in my world, you now mean working from home. I don’t just not go to class and watch movies all day. I have to prepare for ensuing weather and bring work home in case I’m stuck. Luckily, I live within walking distance of work, so I can get there if necessary. After my 18 hour day in Fayetteville, I opted to work from home.

No, I didn’t have to get to work, but you create a whole new problem. You make me lazy. I have no motivation to do all this…..

Instead, I want to lay on the couch watching TV while you are falling in the background. I want to snack all day. My college and kid days of you set me up for real world failure (enjoy these types of snow days while you can!). Doing nothing all day isn’t reality anymore. So, today, I will fight to stay on track, but I’ll also always make time for a quick sledding adventure or snowball fight!

I’ve become SnOw responsible,

Forever a kid at heart in some degrees

P.S. I’m dying to go four-wheeling in the snow if anyone has any connections?!



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