Letter #126: Global Warming

February 3, 2011

Dear global warming,

The negative temperatures and my legs being my transportation in Shady B this week along with feet of snow plaguing the Midwest and winter weather resulting in power outages in Texas have led me to wonder about you. I’m basically a go with the flow, help the environment if possible mentality, so I’m not very knowledgeable about this subject nor are you at the top of my list to study.

Regardless of my interest level, you are a trending topic politically, scientifically as well as one people make erroneous arguments about. Whether you are really happening or not is constantly up for debate. Truth of the matter: you’ll have a stamp on our world, our generation no matter which side proves to be true simply because millions upon millions of dollars have been poured into research, legislation and alternative fuel. It will affect our future one way or another.

With this in mind, I decided to do some research on you rather than make unsubstantiated statements about you such as, “Massive amounts of snow nullify your existence.” While I’ll be the first to say I’m still clueless what I’m talking about, my reading was fascinating.

People fight both sides, and there’s legitimate argument for both. One of my most interesting finds is snowfall may actually be linked to you. Something about it being too cold to snow, so snow is evidence of you. I apologize, I’m not an intellectual…I work with junior high kids; I only have to be smarter than a 14 year old!

It also seems to be undeniable greenhouse gases (basically all the crap emitted from our cars, factories, cruise ships, etc.) have increased exponentially. Some argue this doesn’t matter, but I don’t see how it couldn’t affect something. It seems we’re contributing to this issue, or at least thought to be issue, of you and contributing is probably a soft word choice. To our defense, our population is growing by 80 million a year, so maybe it’s not that we’re being more selfish but just that our number of consumers has increased. Everybody’s always dogging us, I’ll just make the practical statement!

Then, there’s evidence glaciers are melting at unprecedented speeds. They are melting, but there’s evidence this is a cyclical event and has happened before. Something about coming out of the Ice Age…that was a movie, right?!

Truth of the matter: I’m not sure I’m more knowledgeable now than before I started reading because it’s so over my head. I do know it’s dang cold here. I know Oklahoma has more snow than I’ve ever been aware of. I know we use more fossil fuels as of late than in the past. I know I believe in creation and a young earth, so arguments dealing with millions of years ago are nullified in my mind. I do know God is in control.

While I don’t know my scientific or political stance on you, I can still do my part. I can walk to work more often emitting a few less fumes. I can invest in reusable grocery bags. I can be informed as well as laugh at cartoons like these. Who knows if this is cyclical or if we’re causing you, but if we are I want to help.

Walking to work more, but still thankful I’m flying to Cali next month!

Within the next month, investor in reusable grocery bags


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