Letter #128: Wacky Weather

February 5, 2011

Dear weather,

We ALWAYS find a way to complain about you…right now, you’re in the teens and continually dumping more snow on us (it’s going to snow again Sunday, and supposedly all next week…this is crazy). I can’t/haven’t attempted to get out of my driveway, and you’re really preventing me from getting my Sonic cherry limeade I’ve been craving. We’re just SO ready for Spring.

Then, you bring Spring along with my birthday seeing as they get to be celebrated on the same day, and we’re excited to break out our Chacos and watch March Madness. Once our team’s knocked out of the tourney (or in my case, when OSU doesn’t make it), we’re just ready to be out of school and for swimsuit temperatures.

Next thing we know, it’s so dadgum hot we can’t stand it anymore, and we’re wishing for Fall and football. Then, the Christmas music starts being played in September, and we’re right back to 2012’s snowstorm and freezing temperatures.

Now that I’ve wished an entire year away…wait, 68% of tweets the past six days already took care of that. Now that I’ve joined in and made it 69% of people who wish it was the next season and that you would change, what’s the point?!

We’re constantly looking to the next thing, the better investment, the next thrill. Our viewpoint of you is no different. A couple days ago I took a moment to appreciate exactly where you are. As I was walking home from work (not contributing to global warming!), a herd (pack, fleet, tribe?!) of deer were hanging out in the woods.

When spotted, I slowed hoping not to startle them. We stared at each other. They were likely fearing for their lives while I stood gazing at their beauty. There they stood, fully exposed reflecting off the white blanket covering their home. What a picture of grace! They began to scamper into the woods as I captured 1/35th of their beauty.

This moment brought me back to reality and made me appreciate the exact state of you I’m in…this week, it happens to be really cold and snowy. This summer, I’ll be begging for a cool front! Nevertheless, thanks for the sweet picture of how I’m washed clean as snow (the freshly fallen, unplowed kind) through Christ. I’m also reminded how even nature points to You and leaves us without excuse.

I’m choosing to be excited about you this week. For the little moments like these, for hot chocolate, for the summer having less bugs because it’s so cold now, and hopefully for a sledding adventure today!

Still looking forward to Cali and warmth in five weeks,

Weather Woman

”For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” Romans 1:20


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