Letter #130: Carter Theater

February 7, 2011

Dear 106 million+,

I hope you were as entertained as I was as you indulged yourself with countless hours of Super Bowl XLV. Sure, the game was close…Go Packers! Plus, it’s pretty difficult to win when you turn the ball over three times, yet the Steelers were still in it until the last minute. Not to mention, there was enough hair and tattoos to contemplate for the entirety of the game…everyone’s just waiting for their big Head n’ Shoulders break I guess!

The commercials were mediocre…entertaining at best. I think Doritos, Pepsi Max and Bud Light spent their entire budget in one night with the number of ads belonging to them. Personal favorites: Bridgestone beaver; VW Darth Vader; Audi prison break; Doritos licking fingers; Pepsi Max love hurts. I won’t be purchasing any of the items I just listed. Will you guys? I sure hope so, or else their $2.7 million went to waste.

Not sure about your food, but mine was superb. Ribs, potato salad, chocolate cake and Blue Bell. I’m also convinced I viewed the game in the best location out of all of us…The Carter Home Theater. I couldn’t have hand chosen a better place to watch the big game and spend time with friends.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure the 50 million of you over the age of 40, maybe even 35, hated the halftime show. The other half of you were likely split. Some hated the Black Eyed Peas. Others loved the new flavor. I ere to the love side. It was hip. Fun. Innovative. Sure, they…Fergie…didn’t sound great, but who actually does live these days besides ex-Idol winners?! Plus, an Usher appearance can never be a bad thing…that boy can dance! I’m just dying to know how much those field dancers get paid. If they don’t, they better at least get to keep the space suits!

Hope you’re night was as fun as mine. Now, let’s all remove ourselves from the TV and do something active!

Would absolutely pay to see a Black Eyed Peas concert and for sure an Usher one,

Fan of the Carter Home Theater


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