Letter #131: February 8th???

February 8, 2011

Dear February 8th,

I can’t seem to come up with anything ‘blog worthy’ for today. I’ve been racking my brain all weekend. I knew I would have the Super Bowl, but beyond that I’m stuck. I have no direction. Is there something, anything, that happens on you, today, that matters?! Come on, I need material….Oh no, this is bad…did I just publish this?! Wait, I think I just figured you out…(You thought I forgot about you, huh?!)

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, today is a special day for many reasons. The first: I haven’t run out of blog material yet! The second: it’s my oldest sister Jamie’s 32nd birthday!!!!! Man, I was really hoping ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ was going to bring you excitement for your big day, but he failed and Spring weather is not upon you. Hey, there’s always possibility of another snow day!

I really outdid myself for Dana’s, my other sister, birthday on here and have set myself up for failure. Jam, she had an advantage…there was already a song written about her day…yours is coming straight from the heart…(Oh gosh, digging my hole deeper…Dana, yours was heartfelt too!).

Nevertheless, you have been set apart from all the other days of the year for a LONG time…Jamie, you’re really getting old!!! You will forever stop me in my tracks and remind me of my sweet, older sister who always goes out of her way to include me no matter how much younger I am. The sister that was so much older growing up I simply stood in awe of, then was later able to turn that awe into respect and eventually a friendship. The sister who always let her boyfriends…mainly just Chad!…play with me when they were supposed to be hanging out.

You remind me of the sister who trusts me with her most cherished possessions…free reign of her closet…oh wait, I mean Kaedyn and Paxton. Getting to be the cool aunt with no expectations of what my role should be is the biggest blessing ever. You remind me of the sister that exemplifies the principle of picking my battles through her patience and laid back spirit. The sister who I wish could come hang with me for a weekend because we would laugh until our sides hurt, but also the sister who has a true knack for decorating and the APT needs help!

Today, you are not just February 8th. Today, in my world and on this blog, we are celebrating the life of one of the best (I have two, both are great!) sisters a girl could ever ask for. I can only hope I’m half the sister to these two as they’ve been to me.

Celebrating you and Jamie, one of my best friends,

The Note Taker…Jamie, we need to take more pictures together


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