Letter #132: My ‘Day’ Dates

February 9, 2011

Dear day dates,

I’ll never claim to be an expert in dating, but I’ve decided you’re fun. You create an environment with less pressure than the typical evening date. Dinner’s formal…if it goes according to plan, it’s fun. If not, all added pressure an evening date brings facilitates an even worse night.

I’m not sure why there’s more pressure. Hollywood…they’ve caused ever other problem in our society! But really, when I think evening date, I think “She’s All That” post prom scene with dancing and unexpected Christmas lights magically surrounding the pool…because that’s reality and happens in real life?! We want to be picked up, our father’s to be swooned, nice meal (Olive Garden would do in my book, but not in some of my friend’s) to be served, exciting conversation to happen, a stroll down Main Street to occur and drop off at the door to not be awkward. Our expectations are high and often unmet.

Are our expectations too high? Will we never go on our dream date? Have no fear…the ‘perfect’ date is still possible. Dancing on a candle lit pier under the stars isn’t out of the question…this would be a dream date for me, but so would a Thunder game!. Dating doesn’t have to be in a box. Everybody goes on dinner dates in the beginning stages of relationships. I’m saying spice it up and try some of you.

Your perks are immense. Less pressure. For some reason when the sun is up and dinner isn’t involved, it’s less complicated. Try a lunch date. Coffee. Ice cream. Go on a walk. These things have less baggage attached for some reason, but there’s no less value in time spent getting to know one another.

Less commitment. This sounds terrible, but roll with it. “Hey, you want to get coffee (I’m not even a coffee drinker, but nobody can turn down the coffee shop atmosphere.) late tomorrow morning?” This is the perfect setup. A 10-11 o’clock coffee leaves no ties to plans afterward. There’s no forced lunch involved if things flop. However, if chemistry (what does this even really mean?!) emerges, an easy segue into lunch and maybe even a later walk in the park (or whatever else people do) is doable. You’re a built in safety net, but then we have the ability to rip you out from underneath us once an initial connection is made.

Cheaper. Practicality at it’s finest. Less money without time sacrificed. I’d rather a man be saving and taking ownership of his financial status, then wining and dining me!

Now that we’ve established your value, why are we talking about you? Oh yes, I had two of you this weekend. One was with a fairly tall and lanky guy, but he was hard headed. If I have anything to say about it, we won’t be seeing each other much more this winter. He’s featured in the first picture…a snow shovel! The other has a great laugh, is super fun to spend time with and always makes me smile, but I think he’s a bit young for me. We did go on a fun sledding adventure Saturday. Looking forward to many more adventures…by the way, Happy 2nd Birthday Tred (one of my tenant’s kids and my sledding date)!

Obviously, I didn’t really go on any of you this weekend, but I’m convinced you will be a steal of a deal. Bad news is, I don’t really get to initiate you too often.

Take note boys (of course on my behalf, but on the behalf of all women…and your own!),

Advocate of the day date


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