Letter #133: Nerd Day

February 10, 2011

Dear nerds,

For years, you’ve been made fun of, satirized and ridiculed. Movies have been made about you and days have been designated to dress like you. Thrift stores stay afloat because people scour shelves looking for ways to be a better you.

Well, let’s add another event to your statistics. I’m becoming a regular at K-Kountry (the 7-11 year old Kanakuk Kamp) night. Somehow I was even entered into their system as working there this summer (Kara’s trying to convert me). Never fear, I’m sticking to my loyalties, but they’re a fun group to hang with…especially on your night!

According to the Houston’s (they supplied the goods), the key to you is plaid. My plaid was in full force, and I included a pocket protector, pigtails, orange shoes and a fanny pack (I think I’m going to rock this all summer to ensure constant camera accessibility!) to round out the outfit. Needless to say, I was a hit!

Best part of it all may have been Holland (4 year old Houston kid) asking what exactly you are. She thought my outfit was funny, weird and absolutely ridiculous, and she was right. Let’s think about this: how to explain you to a kid in an edifying way?! Not the easiest task. I think the decided explanation was “someone who dresses kind of funny and is just a little different.” We’ve blown you out of proportion with our costumes and ridicule, and this connotation is engrained in kids’ minds at a young age.

(Cutest nerd on the block…Braden Sparks!)

Today, I argue on your behalf. I argue that you will likely grow up to be hard workers and good at family. I argue that your intelligence exceeds that of the average joe and if you can connect that with social skills, you will be unstoppable in your future. I argue that really everybody wants to be described as “a little bit different.” I can only hope this is how people describe me. I don’t want to be another face in the crowd; I don’t want to go with the flow of the rest of the world. I want to stand out. I want my lifestyle to be bold for Christ and make the world wonder why.

So, today I’m hoping your four-year-old description fits me. Today, I’m striving to be you…well, I could handle not being the “dresses kind of funny” portion, but this probably fits me even more!

Your revenge will happen,

Your advocate



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