Letter #134: Fist Pump Friday

February 11, 2011

Dear fist pumps,

Who would’ve thought you’d ever mean more in my life than a shining sports moment, a celebration over winning an argument or a simple exclamation of excitement?! Well, you have become SO much more.

Today is fist pump Friday. One may ask, Lindsay, what is fist pump Friday? Well friends, it’s an entire day where you are encouraged to happen at all times. Every successful pump is worth five points. This means an appropriate usage of you to commemorate the recent news that the Rapp’s are pregnant or finding a good deal at Gap Outlet because they’re having 40% off on all clearance today would result in points earned!! Also, using you at inappropriate times is worth double! Let the games begin!!!

I kid…this isn’t my real reason for excitement, but maybe I should implement this into my real life?! The real reason I speak of you is because you are highlighted on Fridays on my new favorite blog. Two old Kanakuk staff met, fell in love, got married and are now in the midst of marriage. They write letters to one another and have allowed us to have a glimpse of the good, the bad and the ugly of their lives. Not only are the Loerke’s letters great, they also introduce readers to all sorts of new trends, products, ideas, etc.

Their tagline is, “There are many things that can change a life…a letter is one of them.” I didn’t know about this blog prior to taking on my blogging endeavor, but I LOVE that we’re semi on the same page. There’s just something alluring about a letter. Whether it’s written to a husband, wife, friend or in my blog’s case, a random, inanimate object, letters are special. May letters continue to bring perspective to our lives and sparks to our relationships.

Fist pumps and leg kicks to the Loerke’s and to their blog, Today’s Letters! Also, to the Rapp’s for baby #5 being on board. To the staff of K-West 2011 slowly but surely coming together. To the weekend! And to Valentine’s Day being three days away….oh wait, NOT (thoughts will come soon enough on this subject!)!

Excited about a high in the upper 30s today….I’m fist pumping that!

Frequent Fist Pumper


One comment

  1. LOVE their blog… Ive been following for awhile! Such encouragment and fun ideas!

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