Letter #135: Dance Central

February 12, 2011

Dear Dance Central,

I’ve seen your commercials and have been dying to play you for months. Confession: I secretly hoped a family I stayed with on trail got xBox Kinect for Christmas so I could play you…it didn’t happen. Therefore, I’m behind the times. But after months of waiting, last night was the night for your debut in my life…forget Bieber Fever with the Never Say Never premiere (I actually really want to see this movie!), I was perfecting my dance moves!

You’re fun. Period, end of story. You’re also funny. You have some raunchy and some complicated moves that are priceless to watch your friends do. My favorite song: The Jerk.

So for all those who have no idea what I’m talking about (which includes my father and the one other person living under a technological rock), let me explain. The Kinect is an attachment for the xBox that has cameras and the player’s body becomes the controller…and I thought Super Nintendo was cool! Arms move up and down to change levels, songs, etc. and once a song is selected the dancing begins! Difference between Kinect and Wii: the Wii can really only track arm movement because it has a controller while the Kinect keeps track of the whole body. Which means, my dance moves have to be more on par!

I’m an advocate of you. You even have workout mode and dance moves turn into health improvement! You’re a fun video game that also allows for movement rather than resulting in the next candidate for the Biggest Loser. I’m also convinced if I play enough I’ll acquire some new moves to ‘close down the club‘ with, and if I really play enough maybe I can even learn an entire dance! The problem: I only know one person who owns you! We’ll see what happens.

You are my new jam…you even have some of my jams on your playlist! Oh boy, The Jerk is calling my name. I have to go play before I finish house sitting!

Teller of all to go play you



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