Letter #138: A Bit of Direction

February 15, 2011

Dear direction,

I’ve been trying to figure out which way to go with you as far as this blog is concerned for a few weeks now. Heck, I’ve been trying to figure out which way to go with you concerning my life for a few years. Well, while I wish we were, we’re not solving this thing called life today. We’re not even going to completely figure this blog out. Nevertheless, we’re going to find a bit of you this week.

Tomorrow, I begin my first…‘series’ for lack of a better word. A trilogy if you will. Jason Bourne and Froto Baggins have nothing on me…actually they have millions of fans and dollars on me! At least I have reality on my side!

For the next three days, barring nothing extremely adventurous and blog-worthy happens in my life, I have a plan. The Three B’s will be discussed…one on each day. I don’t live my life with too much of you. Yes, I’m a planner. Yes, I’m more anal than many of you would believe. Yes, I would be considered put together. However, I also am content not knowing my future. I’m content figuring out where I’ll get my next meal when the time comes (sometimes) and deciding what my next life step will be (it would really be nice to have a bit more of you in this area!). Deciding what the next day’s blog subject is at 10 p.m. is normal.

I’m consistent yet spontaneous. Two qualities I love in others and strive to embody. This week, I’m gaining a bit more of you, and I’m leaning more toward the consistent side. So, what are ‘The Three B’s?’ Three things I aspire to live my life by and that I’d argue are valuable to individuals at any age.

Now that I’ve built up having more of you on the blog, I’d better get to writing these posts so I live up to the vision I’ve cast.


May I live life with you without losing my adventure,

Never afraid to ask for you (I’m a girl though!)



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