Letter #139: The First of Three

February 16, 2011

Dear self,

The Three B’s…where do I even begin?! Where did it even begin?! To be honest, it was a complete whim. Last summer, I was in the K-West office talking with a counselor about life. Somehow I ended up giving some sort of life advice (little did she know I don’t have much to offer) and in the midst pulled out ‘The Three B’s.’ It fit and gave the golden thread to tie the three together. I’m lame, I know! It stuck, and now I have an easy way to remember some of your basic life principles.

Hey, listen up. You need to be reminded of this more than anyone. The first of the three might be the most difficult. Actually, I retract that statement. They’re all pretty tough, yet worth striving for.

There aren’t many things in life I strive to achieve. Sanctification. Making others feel valued. Maybe a few others and ‘The Three B’s.’

So here goes…#1: Wherever you are, Be all there. Man, oh man, do I struggle with this. Our whole society struggles with this. iGeneration walking around distracted by our iPhones, iPads, iPods and whatever else that distracts us constantly. We are connected to the world with the touch of a button in seconds. Sure, this is beneficial, convenient beyond belief and flat out impressive, yet this potential blessing has the ability to curse me as well. There’s so much great information out there. I want to stay informed via Twitter, read about OSU sports on this blog, respond to texts and a million other things, but how often do these things take away from the personal interaction of those at my fingertips?

I sacrifice quality time with the people I’ll later be texting because I’m responding to an e-mail or checking how bad OSU basketball is losing. I justify neglecting face to face time by the timeliness of a response or just my own lack of self control and separation.

It doesn’t just stop at technology for me though. I’m a self-professed workaholic or at least have those tendencies. No matter where I am or who I’m with my mind races a mile a minute on kamp improvements, household projects, grocery lists and to-do lists. I struggle to fully engage the actual moment I’m in because I’m three steps ahead.

I noticed this in myself, and I began to get highly annoyed with cell phone usage at the dinner table by friends. So, I implemented this principle in my life. Wherever you are, be all there. Am I flawless? No. Do I never use my phone at a meal? Ya right. Does my mind wonder in the middle of somebody pouring out their heart? Absolutely. However, I’m proactively combatting this from being a common part of my life.

At the end of the day, having an uninterrupted 45 minute meal and great conversation sets me up for success later. I’ve caught up with that individual. I don’t have to spend my time texting them later, and I can deal with the missed calls and e-mails afterward. Focusing in a meeting or, for all you college kids, class saves me study time later. Completely finishing tasks, marking things off your to-do list and being able to completely unwind and read for fun at night is a blessing…make the choices throughout the day to get to achieve it. Not to mention, my relationships with people are just better when I care more about them than what else I have to do that day.

Self, we have a long way to go, but we’re proactively making strides. May we make people feel valued while being more productive by living out the first of three.

Hopefully, being all the way where I am at the moment,

B inventor



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