Letter #140: The Second ‘B’

February 17, 2011

Dear balance,

I started my day with you, Insanity’s Cardio Core and Balance (three days left…blog results will come soon!), and will attempt to maintain you throughout today, so we’re going to dive right in. The second of ‘The Three B’s’ is you. Balance: you’re the key to life.

The key to life. We look for this as much as, if not more than, anything in life. It’s kind of like the will of God. We want to know what it is no matter the cost. I honestly believe you rank pretty high as being one of the keys.

Operating in extremes is never healthy. Ever. Working out for absurd lengths of time or not at all…unhealthy. Extreme dieting can kill you or just drive you nuts because all you want is some Blue Bell while overeating is detrimental as well. Never sleeping and sleeping too much…both make you feel terrible. Extremists like Hitler and terrorist bombers versus apathetic free loaders…both wrong. Working too much and neglecting family versus being a lazy bum…neither are right. Extremes never seem to be healthy.

So, I strive to maintain you in my life. I want to be wise with my money, but I also don’t want to be a boring tight wad. I hope to maintain my friendships from previous walks of life via phone, skype, e-mail, etc., but I also need and want to develop new friendships in this stage of life. I need to spend time studying the Word and in prayer, but I also need to be relevant to people surrounding me and pour out the things I’ve been learning.

I honestly believe you offer success stories in our lives, and I want to constantly be implementing more of you into my life. This is why you have become the second ‘B.’

May you be achieved in ways I can’t even imagine in my life,

B Inventor



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