Letter #142: The Third ‘B’

February 19, 2011

Dear ‘B’ number three,

It’s time to disclose you. We’ve made it through episode one and two, and if you were a TV show I’d be really excited to watch episode three.

If I could only live by one life principle, I’m pretty sure you’d be it. If I could only implement or speak one value into kids or people in general outside the Gospel, you might be it. I believe there is more value that lies within you than our culture will ever give credit.

So, without further ado, you must be unveiled. ‘B’ number three: Be faithful in the little things. The little things matter. Our world tells us they don’t, but I disagree. Our current national debt of $14 trillion plus is a great example…we haven’t remotely been faithful in the little things and the result is $14 trillion. (Check out this debt clock…this is unreal.)

I firmly believe in you. I believe you make sense practically, but I also believe you line up biblically. One of my life verses has become Luke 16:10: “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.” Rother version: If you do what’s right even in the smallest of situations, the big situations are going to come much easier.

Think about it. It’s true. If we’re trying to watch what we eat, ordering grilled chicken instead of chicken strips isn’t a huge sacrifice. The grilled still tastes good, but it’s healthier. This makes turning down the brownie that much easier. The exact opposite’s true too. Cheating on a simple worksheet for class or never proofreading the report we completed for work aren’t very big deals. However, going down this path makes it more justifiable to cheat on a full blown test or not be forthright with company finances and pocket a little extra.

This verse has become one I try to live my life by. It’s one I know by heart and remind myself of often. Why? Well, partly because I work at K-West, and it’s been instilled in me by Ward (he’s one of the most faithful men I know, and I’m blessed to work under his leadership)…be with your kids; be on time. Partly because it was instilled in me at a young age…I’d stay on my driveway with only a floodlight and shoot baskets until I made ‘x’ number of shots before I could go inside. The biggest reason: I just believe in it.

Integrity might be the most important character quality a person can embody. Is there a better way to display integrity than you? I think not and because of this, I strive to uphold you in as many ways possible. I change the toilet paper roll…nobody wants to do it, so I can! I make sure I pay people back promptly (if I owe you money, let me know!). I do what I say I’m going to from returning a phone call to turning down a job to fulfill my commitment to summer camp. I try to be in the Word daily even when I don’t want to be because I believe it’s the root of living our lives in truth.

I fail miserably at you, but I try again because you’re valuable. Making wise smaller decisions truly sets me up to make wise big decisions…do I date this guy? I’m not sure where he stands spiritually, but he’s cute and interested. Do I take this job and move to this city? Do I save and invest in a 401K or blow money left and right? I’m about to make some of the biggest decisions of my life concerning future, yet I’m content because I’ve built some momentum making wise little decisions along the way.

I will make more poor decisions in life, but by being faithful in the little things I’m convinced I will make less than I would otherwise.

May the little become important to us in a world it isn’t valued,

B inventor



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