Letter #146: The Debacle

February 23, 2011

Dear hair,

I’ve never been good at you. Legitimately, never. There aren’t many frustrations I have with how I was raised, but one would definitely be my lack of training in this area. Well, let’s be honest, it was probably more my fault than my Mom’s. I was the biggest tomboy growing up, had a bowl cut and could’ve cared less about you. Heck, Mom was doing well to get clothes on me and keep me off the football team. Thankfully, I grew out of this!!

You and I have gone through a ton of phases together.

Short…like really short!

Quick stints that just didn’t work out so well.

(The things we do for philanthropy and OSU Homecoming…Kayla, let’s pretend like we’re still in college and do this again?!)

Platinum blonde.

(Big/Little Christmas 2006: my joke of pajamas…My Little, Mika, wanted to shoot me when she saw this! Bria, can we go back to the days we lived together?!)


(Freshman year of college, first day of recruitment…Yes, we wear t-shirts, and dang I was thin!)

Au natural and short.

Current situation.

No matter which way you’ve been cut in my life, I’ve never been great with you. I could really use some hands on training because Chi straightening you and a quick ponytail is about the extent of my abilities. Man, this is vulnerability at its’ finest!

All of this being said, I’m in dire need of cutting you…it’s been 6+ months. I’m in a city I’ve never had you done before which always makes me nervous. I’m also in a debacle…I can’t decide if I want to keep you long or chop a big portion of you? Bangs? Major or minor layers? Too many questions…

So, I ask my readers for feedback. Leave long, chop or another suggestions?! Comment, text, tweet, call, e-mail pictures…any and all suggestions are welcome. Also, tutorials are always welcome!

Somehow, you’re one of my biggest challenges and question marks in life,

Liver of a good life if this is my biggest problem




  1. girl… you know my specialty is hair. as in, i am basically a hair whore/chameleon and choose to change it probably too much… here’s my suggestion for a chick like you. long layers, long side swept bangs, keep the length… ask Trish who cuts her hair cuz she is phenom (not my color girl Sarah. but if you want color go to her! haha!) I think this chick is at some salon over by panera… but she is awesome! best haircut I’ve ever had!!!! best of luck… God speed!

    • Hahaha…hilarious. You never cease to amaze me. I’m working on finding that girl’s name. Thanks for the feedback. You are quite the diva, so I value your opinion!

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