Letter #147: To Infinity and Birthdays

February 24, 2011

Dear birthday parties,

You’re fun. Typically overrated, yet fun. Growing up, my birthday didn’t typically coincide with a huge one of you. Now before we have a pity party for me, it’s not because I was unloved as a child. I’m privileged to have been birthed during Spring Break creating a major issue with celebration. I definitely had my fair share of you as a kid, but we didn’t really partake in you as I grew up. I spent several of my birthdays on vacation or mission trips, so I’m not complaining!

I do remember my two favorite of you. The first was at about six, and we had a magician! He was really good…I mean, we were six, how good do you have to be?! I received my own magic set as my gift and spent the rest of the year working on my skills. Needless to say, I’ve been chatting with Kirby VanBurch about part time work in his show!

My other favorite was around age 10 when we had a co-ed basketball themed you. A trip to the movies (before tickets spiked to a minimum $10) to see this movie followed with a ride in the back of Dad’s truck to our church’s basketball gym for a few pick up games. I was in the peak of my love for basketball…I couldn’t think of a better you to have!

This weekend, the Houston household celebrated Neeley’s 3rd birthday, and you just so happened to be themed ‘Toy Story.’ This has quickly become the kids favorite movie, and ideas for activities were endless. A table was set up for coloring where Melissa had cut brown paper into potato shapes so each kid could make a Mr./Mrs. Potato Head. Stuffed animal characters were hidden throughout the house, and a good game of ‘hide and seek’ was the result. Pizza was the food of choice cut into stars…i.e. Woody’s sheriff badges. The movie was playing in the living room, so any lull in the party was easily fixed because three year olds are always instantly enthralled with Buzz and Woody.

Tons of fun things were happening, but my favorite part was the outfits. The kids came decked out in Jessie, Woody and Buzz and Neeley’s older sisters were Lil’ Bo Peep and Barbie. As I watched these kids be captivated by the phenomenon that is ‘Toy Story,’ I realized just how genius this movie series was. What a great concept…movies from the perspective of inanimate objects. It sounds a bit like my blog…letters written to inanimate objects!

In all reality, what a fun themed you!!! Costumes, games and creativity are unlimited, and you’re still fun for adults. Parents, people that’ll be parents one day or friends of people with birthdays, be creative and create fun birthday memories for the people you love.

To infinity and beyond,

Advocate of a ‘Toy Story’ themed camp party



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