Letter #148: Questions: Love and Hate ‘Em

February 25, 2011

Dear questions,

Man, I love you. We’re asked a ton of you daily. I enjoy asking you to others and being asked as well. However, I can only do surface conversation for so long. I struggle with you in basic, get to know you form. Confession: I hate the first two days of staff training week at kamp. This is how a conversation goes: “What’s your name? Wait, what school do you go to? Oh, so you’re from where? Have you been to camp before?…next day…same person, same questions because we can’t remember.” If I could fast forward through these days, miraculously know the basics of everyone and get straight to the meat of conversation, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

I’m more of a fan of you when I can take something significant away. What’re you passionate about? How do you love spending your time? What’re you reading? What do you think about God? These are the types of you I really enjoy.

Then, there’s day to day ones of you like these. Paper or plastic? Wheat or white? Sonic happy hour or not? Workout before work, after or at all? Shower or make it one more day without?

The most awkward of you ever might be a woman being asked if she’s pregnant when she’s not. Painful. Thankfully I’ve never done this, but only because I’ve learned watching my Dad fail miserably more than once in this department. My advice: when unsure, don’t go there!

Then there’s just those of you we get sick of being asked. Senior year, it was, “Where are you going to college?” Once in college, it’s, “Well, what’re you majoring in?” Upon graduation, everyone wants to know, “What’re you doing with your life?” After dating for sixish months, you start to fly this about, “When are you getting engaged?” Every time I’d be asked these, especially about my engagement, I’d get a little more anxious. I’d start to question things, feel forced to have life figured out and just get frustrated. The truth of the matter was the decision would be made when it needed to be. We don’t need to know where we’re going to college until at least April, nobody knows what they’re majoring in until at least their sophomore year and well, reality check: does anyone ever really know what they’re doing with their lives anymore? Heck, if the engagement portion ever comes into play, it’s out of my hands anyway…ask him!

You have the ability to shake our worlds. The current nemesis you’re presenting me is, “Well, have you decided what you’re doing next year?” Yes, I’m 23. Yes, I’m in the exact same place of unknown I was a year ago. Yes, I’d love to have more stability in my life. Reality: NO, I DON’T KNOW YET. There, I said it. I have a plan through August 13th, then I’m wide open. Sure, I’m being proactive and sorting through details, but I’m also contently trusting the Lord. This is it. This is the current you that drives me nuts.

Hoping I never get asked if I’m prego when I’m clearly not,

Lover and hater of you



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