Letter #149: Saturday Morning Bliss

February 26, 2011

Dear Saturday mornings,

I’m a fan of you. You allow for a great change of pace from my everyday routine. As a kid, you were my favorite for some of the same reasons as today…sleeping in, no school (now work), great play time and most importantly the cartoons you offered.

Today, I look forward to some or all of these things. A little bit of sleeping in, typically some great Houston kid time, maybe some grocery shopping or laundry, actual time to read and write, going on a run, catching up with family and friends and simply time to just be.

All week I feel like I constantly have places to be and things to do. You allow for some freedom and relaxation. Sure, I’m a fan of you as a single adult with no responsibilities outside myself. However, I think I’ll be a fan of you throughout life because there’s something special about you at every life stage.

The delay in this post is a direct result of me taking full advantage of you. I apologize…sort of!

Happy weekend friends!!!

Appreciator and enjoyer of you



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