Letter #152: It’s that time of year…

March 1, 2011

Dear taxes,

I began the process of getting you filed last night. Thankfully all that means is I e-mailed my W-2s to my CPA uncle/godfather, and he does the rest! Sure, a big return would be nice, but I’m just hoping I don’t have to pay a huge sum more than anything.

You are another big step in my world of being a grown up. Normally my Dad would take care of you, hand me the paperwork and tell me how much to write the checks for. At 23 and first year of real world, I’m taking a bit more initiative, but man, I sure am thankful for my uncle. I wouldn’t know the first step to begin without him.

It’s March 1 (FYI: National Pancake Day…go get FREE pancakes at IHOP until 10 p.m.!!), and I know we’re all looking forward to this being my birthday month, however, there’s another important day around the corner. APRIL 15TH…the celebration of good ‘ole Uncle Sam…poor guy, he’s really gotten a bad wrap over the years! Don’t let him sneak up on you. And yes, it’s alright to be more excited about my 24th than paying these dreadful things.

Officially marked me as grown,

Upstanding American Citizen


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