Letter #155: A Peony for Your Thoughts

March 4, 2011

Dear comfort zone,

I love when I’m pushed outside of you. Actually, I love and hate it, but mostly love. I enjoy being challenged. I embrace learning new ideas and ways of doing things. I even sort of like being uncomfortable. Weird, I know.

Being kept on my toes is healthy for me. I’m always up for a new adventure…even if it’s out of my normal. Why am I talking about this today?! Well friends, I’ve come across a blog that rivals every bit of ‘comfortable’ in me, and I love it. When someone thinks Lindsay Rother, nail polish, bangles and fashion are as far from those thoughts as far can be. On the flip side, I’m likely more encompassed by thoughts of tennis shoes, t-shirts and short, colorless nails (hopefully a few others as well!).

So, when I read this blog, I feel like I’m in a whole new world. It’s the antithesis of me, and I’m definitely outside of you. I dream of being fashionable and trendy. I wonder if I’ll ever choose a front tie top or trench coat over a North Face rain jacket or a new pair of Tempos. I’m not kidding, I’ve probably learned more about spring trends in the couple weeks I’ve been a reader than I’ve stayed updated on March Madness or the daily news. I may not rock the trends, but I’m at least aware!

I’m warning you, our blogs are as different as Lady Gaga and Anne Hathaway, but my goodness we can learn from them both…Anne, how not to host the Oscars, and Lady Gaga, well why we should avoid drugs! The neatest thing is Kathleen, the blog author, and I are as different as our blogs, yet she has become a dear friend. So, here’s the blog that’s forced me outside of you in every way imaginable. A Peony for Your Thoughts…Some things in life are too sweet not to be shared.

Hoping to become a bit more fashionable this year,

Seeker of fashion within the camp world



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