Letter #156: Shady B is my Nepal

March 5, 2011

Dear self,

Last night, you learned about people in Nepal who walk SIX HOURS just to be able to go to church. When’s the last time we’ve fought for an hour with the Lord?

You learned about a girl who trekked through Nepal sharing the Gospel with native Nepalis as well as Mt. Everest climbing foreigners. When’s the last time we’ve talked about Jesus with random people we come across in life?

You learned how our way of life in America paralleled a bit to the life of a Nepali missionary. She would be stationary in Kathmandu, the capital, for weeks at a times, then she would trek, the super intense word for hiking…through steep mountains and the native beasts and weather. She invested in the people during her extended stays in the city, then she made the most of her time as she moved daily, village to village while in the mountains.

As we heard these mind-blowing stories, we were processing what we could learn. Well, for six months out of this year, we’ve been ‘trekking’ through America. As we traveled through college campuses on trail for three months, we only had 30 minutes in an interview with girls which became our village to village experience. Then, we spend three months in Lampe, MO doing camp where we remain stationary, but the kids change during the week. Lastly, there’s six months of stationary living in Shady B where we get to invest in the people surrounding us.

Sure, we’re not trekking through Nepal (let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m cut out for this), but our everyday, American life is no less significant in the scheme of the Gospel. Our transient, Branson life is valuable. Last night, I was reminded of this.

May we take full advantage of our stage of life,

Nepali lesson learner


One comment

  1. You are such an amazing encouragement to me and your life is a testimony to the world! I am so proud of your journey over the last year and love you so much! Thanks for constantly striving for the Lord, you bless the lives around you, even in 30 minutes!

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