Letter #157: March Madness

March 6, 2011

Dear March,

You are a good month. You’re good every year, but I feel as if you’re extra good this year. Today, I want to remind myself why.

Spring…my favorite season. Running outside. Spring break…this year, I’m taking off and the fam’s taking San Diego by storm! Best weekends…Lake Texhoma with friends, San Diego, birthday weekend!!! March Madness…I’d be more excited if OSU were in the tourney, but I’ll make do without them. Two months to summer, which means camp, which means still enough time to plan and prepare but still really soon! Tourists return to Branson…things won’t close at 8 o’clock and people will have jobs, however, traffic will increase again. St. Patty’s Day…a holiday I strangely enjoy! The beginnings of wedding season. Birthday month with the greatest intangible gift of all: the first day of Spring coinciding with my 24h year!

You are a fun month. May I not take you or the little things that make you great for granted during all these adventures and happenings.

Looking forward to San Diego, March Madness and Spring,

Month of March Lover


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