Letter #160: Different Lenten Approach

March 9, 2011

Dear Lent,

Well, well, well, it’s hard to believe it’s already time for you again. I can’t remember if I participated in you last year or not…obviously not too impactful!

I grew up Catholic, so you have been a huge part of my life. Every year, I gave up something that I loved for your 40 day period…chocolate, coke (I don’t drink pop to this day after giving it up my junior year of high school), sweets altogether. Sometimes, I’d be super strict on myself and never touch whatever I’d given up until Easter. Other times, I’d justify that Sunday didn’t count because they weren’t included in your actual 40 days.

Every Friday during you growing up meant dinner at Captain D’s or Long John Silver’s and a lunch of peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwiches. In the Catholic tradition, we couldn’t eat meat on Fridays…confession: it’s pretty well known I didn’t observe this in college, but in high school I ate meat during basketball season. I needed protein for energy to shoot the three!

Typically, my heart isn’t in the right place in this process. You were mainly another box checked off my to-do list. Selfishly, you were a way for me to be more healthy and maybe even lose a couple pounds. I think I’ve been missing your point.

Your purpose is to prepare our hearts for Easter, the death and resurrection of Christ. The single most important event in history. I drop the ball miserably in how I approach Easter. I’m notorious for flippantly taking it for granted, for not understanding or placing the true value and weight of what Easter and your preparation really mean. I want my heart to value Christ’s sacrifice more than ever.

This year, I’m taking a different approach to you. I’m adding a couple things into my daily activities rather than giving something up…heck, I’m going to San Diego; there will be no giving up dessert for that week!

So, for the next 46 days, I’m vowing to some sort of daily physical activity. A walk, run, shooting baskets, dance party (this is more of a workout than you’d ever imagine), anything to get me moving. I’m well on my way to achieving this, but for the same reason I did Insanity this provides me with accountability. I don’t just want to work out though. Sure, getting in better shape is great, but I want this to be time I spend in prayer as well as activity.

I’m adding one other activity, but I want to keep it between myself and the Lord. Regardless  of how you’re approached, I pray my heart would anticipate Christ’s coming more than ever before.

Looking forward to you,

Waiting on the Lord



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