Letter #163: The Unveiling

March 12, 2011

Dear new haircut debut,

I didn’t tell anybody in my family I’d even gotten my hair cut and just showed up for family vacation with you…I LOVE surprises…of any kind, so this was fun for me!

February 23rd, I wrote about the debacle of my hair. It needed to be cut, but I just didn’t know what route I wanted to take it. So, I walked into a salon I’d never been to a woman I’d never met in a town I’ve never had my hair done in and took a huge risk. She asked what I was thinking I wanted done, and I responded, “Well, you’ve never met me, and I’d really love for you to do whatever you think would look best.” She hesitated and responded with sheer elation. I could tell she loved the idea of getting to work without some obnoxious, overly particular lady in her chair. So, she asked me a few questions, I told her I didn’t care, I trusted her and that if I hated it then it would grow back. She started, and I asked her to turn me around so I couldn’t see until she was finished. Did I mention that I love surprises?!

She cut for awhile, and I could tell she was going shorter. My anticipation was building, and I just knew I was going to love it. Cut. Blow dry. Trim. Style. Time for the big reveal. The people in this shop were having just as much fun as me by the time we got to this point, and everyone was anxiously awaiting my reaction. I was hoping I’d actually like it so I didn’t have a look of horror when I saw it.

With hairdresser Sarah armed with the camera phone, she twisted the chair, stopped in front of the mirror, and a ridiculous sequence of pictures ensued!

I LOVED it. Sarah LOVED it. She said it encompassed my personality…scary she could gage me in 30 minutes?! The entire shop loved it. It’s easy to manage, and every person I run into has made a positive comment, which is just fun to hear!

So, here you are. I’ve decided this might be my favorite approach to getting my haircut…I never have to think about how I want my hair before arriving!

Looking forward to more San Diego adventures today (on the blog tomorrow),

Brave soul when it concerns my hair



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  1. You know I didn’t miss this post : )

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