Letter #165: San Diego Day 2

March 14, 2011

Dear Day 2,

You did not disappoint. In the words of my sister, this day turned into the ‘vacation day from hell!’ It wasn’t quite that bad, but there were definitely some major moments of frustration. The day began with a stop at this really neat, local breakfast joint…not sure if you’ve ever heard of Subway or not?! For the record, their breakfast is awesome!

We then headed out to Mount Cabrillo and Point Loma Lighthouse. Absolutely gorgeous minus a bit of overcast, but still no room for complaint. We could see the whole city from this point and the climb to these locations was beautiful. On the drive to these locations, we passed huge military cemeteries oddly resembling Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. It was strikingly eye-catching, but the neatest thing is that it looked over the sea. Seaside real estate is pricy, so that fact these soldiers are honored in this location is a big deal.

Next on the list, Coronado, the island we have to take this bridge to arrive. Interesting fact: this bridge was designed to be straight over and would have been 1.8 miles long. They figured out if a bridge was longer than 2 miles going into a military base then it received federal funding. Obviously it received funding. Here, we visited the famous Hotel del Coronado where multiple movies have been filmed as well as did lunch at Miguel’s where they’re famous for their shrimp burritos, and I now understand why! We were able to eat with my Californian cousins and were all thankful to see them!

Next stop, my nephews first time at the beach! As you can tell my their outfits, it was pretty cold. After getting more and more brave, they both ended up completely in the water fully clothed. They could have done nothing this whole trip but go to the beach.

This is where things turned for the worse. One of the rental cars wouldn’t start. The boys didn’t have extra clothes. Opinions of handling all these situations clashed a bit. Dana has had an unknown rash/skin infection for a few days now, and it has begun to spread. Literally, everything at this point has gone awry, and of course, I’m laughing the entire time!

Car gets towed and new one delivered. Boys got new sets of clothes at Wal-Mart. A quick stop at an urgent care results in stronger antibiotics. We’re back in business. We made a visit to Old Town that evening…more like Old Mexico, grabbed some In-N-Out Burger (this will be highlighted later!) and hit the sack.

Hilarious and fun day! Just call this the re-make of the Griswald Family Vacations.

May many more adventure ensue,

Lover of San Diego




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