Letter #172: 24 and Old!

March 21, 2011

Dear 24,

No Jack Bauer, not your show. I’m talking about my age! My gosh, I don’t feel a bit different, but you sure do sound a ton older than 23. I equate you with being a grown up. Wait, this means I’m a grown up? Oh gosh, I am. I pay my own bills, have an 8-5 (well, more like a 6:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. six months of the year!), deal with insurance and taxes…ahhh.

I guess I’ve been doing these things as a 23 year old, but you just sound so much more official. You just sound old! We spend our whole childhood dying to be 16 and independent. We can’t wait to get a set of wheels and keys to our freedom. Then, we anxiously await the probably overrated 21st. After that, what birthday do we have to look forward to? Renting a car at 25? Hitting 30?

You just bring a whole new meaning to age. At 22, we’re still super close to the coveted 21. At 23, these days a huge chunk of people are still in school or at least close enough to 22 that we still cherish our early twenties. Then there’s you. You’re the number that knocks us from our early twenties and into the mids.

I don’t feel a bit different, but telling people I’m you instead of 23 brings entirely different connotations. Making mistakes isn’t nearly as acceptable anymore. College is a thing of the past and a full-time job is reality. I will never not pay for my livelihood ever again. You bring tons of responsibility.

All this being said, it sounds like I’m depressed to have achieved you. I’m the exact opposite. I’m thoroughly thankful for my 24 years of life. I’m excited to see what this next phase of life and adulthood brings. I gratefully embrace the past and look ahead to the unknown. I love where I’m at in life and could ask for nothing more (OK, five less pounds and a really fun date wouldn’t hurt :)). And, let’s be honest, I’m probably always going to be a kid at heart! I’m just acknowledging the truth. You sound significantly older than 23 ever will.

As I embrace you, I’m humbled by how loved I am. I deserve nothing, yet I’ve been blessed by a slew of unbelievable relationships in my life. Thanks for allowing me to turn you so I could be reminded of just how blessed I am. Birthdays aren’t a big deal to me, but thanks for making me feel so special on my birthday and everyday.

Loving you even though you bring an ‘old’ connotation,

Blessed 24 year old



One comment

  1. All I can say about turning 24 sounding older is…..just wait!

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